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JUNE 4, 5, 6, 2019
Eurexpo, Lyon

2018 workshop PROGRAM

In continuous during the 3 days | Free access | Workshop area in the center of the show





Multi-material 3D printing systems
Arnaud ROUX, Sales Manager 3D CERAM

Arnaud Roux






The innovation consists in using the stereolithography technology to manufacture complex ceramic-ceramic or ceramic-metal multi-material parts.




A 3D printer as a true production tool? Today and tomorrow’s reality
Pierre-Victor SABATIER, distribution manager for France, HP

Pierre Victor SABATIER






Solutions to go beyond simply manufacturing prototypes and tools. However, reality has turned out to be more complex. Today, dozens of HP solutions manufacture continuously in workshops alongside machine tools and injection presses. This fundamental change marking the true beginning of the announced revolution will be explained.




11:20 – 11:50
The Carnot alliance for additive manufacturing: research throughout the entire value chain and the associated funding
Emilie GARCIA, Industrial Manager, BPI FRANCE
Christophe GROSJEAN, Additive Manufacturing Expert, Institut Carnot Cetim

  christophe GrosjeanEmilie GARCIA






The Carnot alliance has been structured to support its adoption and boost the activity of players. The mapping of the Carnot’s players show a complete set of skills across the entire value chain and technologies available. The funding method of the institutes support national is regional and national. The presentation will be moderate by the Carnot CETIM Institute and the BPI FRANCE.




12:00 – 12:30
Metal 3D printing and human resources management
Myrtille COMTE, Responsable Fabrication Additive REPMO

Myrtille comte






The lack of qualified human resources is one of the sticking points facing most of the players embarking on the 3D printing adventure. As is the case with any major change, this form of creation disrupts the way we design, conceive and act, and throws up new possibilities in the digital chain.




Design directives for metal additive manufacturing
Christophe TISSERAND, Additive Manufacturing Product Manager, RENISHAW

Christophe TISSERAND





Discover new solutions to produce parts combining exceptional performance with a practical and profitable additive manufacturing process.




3D printing FFF materials
Benjamin DEVIC, Co-Founder of LUDEEK

                         B. DEVIC-compressed





 Which materials are available? And for which applications? Discover a comprehensive range on the subject!




How to fully exploit the potential offered by 3D printing in your company
Alexandre HERAN, Managing Director of

Alexandre HERAN 2







What are the current challenges for your company? Which technologies for which issues? What are the advantages?  How to fully use the AM.





Optimisation and industrialisation of surgical instruments for the medical sector produced through additive manufacturing
Clément MUHLE, Chairman of ADDIDREAM

                 Clement Muhle




Solutions for surgeons are no longer lacking thanks to additive manufacturing. However, one of the biggest issues for the orthopaedics and traumatology sector remains ancillaries. Discover how the AM will play an important part in this industry.




Metal printing available to all with Desktop Metal
Alexandre BROSSEAU, co-manager of KREOS

                alexandre brosseau





The American manufacturer Desktop Metal presents its newest powder-less and office-based metal parts production solution. The solution relies on the MIM technology and comprises a 3D printer, a debinding station and an oven. 





3D metal printing with Selective Laser Melting technology is on the way to use for Series Production in Automotive.
Ralf FROHWERK, Global Head of Business Development, SLM SOLUTIONS

                             R. Frowerk (NEU)






The automotive industry uses efficiently the AM technology. Every automotive manufacturer offers a wide range of products and accessories of more than 2000-3000 pieces per year. Discover how die-cast aluminum components can be produced more cost-effective with the Additive Manufacturing technology.






Advanced simulation tools to take full advantage of additive manufacturing’s potential
Michel PEREME, Director Global Channel Business Simufact Engineering GmbH

Guillaume BOISOT, Business Development Manager e-Xstream engineering

 Michel_Pereme_Portrait Guillaume Boisot

In the complete product’s developing process made in additive manufacturing, manufacturers have different challenges: choice of materials and processes, supports or parts positioning. Each issue has an influence on the final part, so MSC Software helps manufacturers to face their problems by developing business-oriented solutions. Numerical simulation of additive manufacturing processes naturally appears as an indispensable tool for the development, from development and optimization of additive manufacturing processes.



Pushing back the limits of imagination
Guillaume CHAMPION, Technical Manager, HOGANAS FRANCE

Guillaume CHAMPION






Höganäs’ Digital Metal technology is rapidly advancing towards territories that were until now reserved for traditional manufacturing technologies. The high productivity offered by our 3D printing process makes it possible to manufacture large series and also a flexible production of customised parts in small or large series.




Improving the surface finish of parts produced using additive manufacturing
Vincent  GRIMM, Sales Engineer for France, EXTRUDE HONE







 “Shaping and Finishing Solutions” is Extrude Hone’s slogan and it now applies to 3D parts, our aim is to become the One Stop Shop for some components. We are looking to build and finish components only if they require exclusive non-conventional finishing solutions out of our portfolio - delivering better productivity and improved cost per part for functional 3D parts.




Which tools to manage a 3D printing lab?

Céline RAZAT, Senior project manager SCULPTEO

Celine razat


With several printers, it soon becomes necessary to have the right tools to organise yourself properly and produce high-quality parts. How can you optimise the work in your 3D printing lab using the right software?




Topological optimization : discover the latest advances dedicated to additive manufacturing
Guilly GILDAS,
Areospace and Defense Lead Engineer ALTAIR


The simple  topological optimization  is not enough sufficient and needs to be adapted to include the additive manufacturing  particularities such as the angle of overhang or the lattices structures. Come to discover last novelties allowing you to conceive structures including not only mechanical but also economic criteria.





Optimising part specifications through the open freeformer system
Séverine BRETECHE, Project Engineer, ARBURG France







As all the parameters of the freeformer machine are adjustable. It is therefore possible to chose the most important specifications for the part by playing on its surface finish or density. We will present the different parameters making it possible to influence the mechanical characteristics of the parts using product examples and mechanical test results.




Initiative 3D, a regional tool to help manufacturers
Franck SIMON, Advanced Manufacturing Process Issues Manager, VIAMECA

Franck SIMON 2






Initiative 3D, an additive manufacturing innovation incubator, has for ambition to develop the local expertise of technical centres and academic laboratories. Obtain the tools and expertise required to meet tomorrow’s technological challenges.




Upstream process for metal additive manufacturing
Alexandre MANDON, Development Enginner, ACTEMIUM

Alexandre MANDON

Traceability, powder characterization, powder handling, dosing, homogenization and recycling are indispensable components for the upstream process in 3D printing. How to produce qualitative parts while ensuring the safety of operators? 



Reverse-engineering, an ideal gateway between 3D digitisation and 3D printing
Kevin MANCHON, Managing Partner,







This presentation will provide quick and effective answers to printing parts in 3D without having the plans beforehand.





Challenges of 3D printing in digital flows, in Dental Prosthesis and Orthodontics
Nicolas POUSSIN, Chairman of 3D EXPERT

NICOLAS poussin






Intra-oral scanners are developing and it is crucial to be ready to start the digital transition, as well as be able to absorb the digital volumes received. In the years to come, mastering 3D printing while keeping costs under control will be one of the main challenges for dental laboratories.




From chips to powder







 An expertise throughout the value chain of digital and additive manufacturing.

june, 7 thursday


3D printing on metal with the MIM technic  (Metal Injection Molding)

Patrick FERRARIS, Président VISION 3D

patrick ferraris



How to organise a constructive dialogue between the AM designer and machinist
Lionel ARNAUD, Lecturer and Researcher, manager of the CEF3D platform





 Machining sometimes represents the most strenuous mechanical constraints a part will undergo in its lifetime, however the machinist rarely takes part in the upstream design phases which afford the most leeway. Discover how build a constructive dialogue...




The use of gas in additive manufacturing throughout the value chain: powder atomisation and storage, additive manufacturing, cryogenic cleaning, heat treatments
Stéphanie TROUSSELLE, Markets and Applications Manager, LINDE France S.A.







Additive manufacturing does not start nor end in a bed of powder. It is a long process where all the steps are linked: from the powder production to the additive manufacturing, without forgetting the post-treatment processes. The aim is to obtain a final result meeting all the requirements. Gases represent an integral component that plays a role in each of these applications.



Full mapping of the stress tensor: a must have in the development of additive manufacturing processes
Sandra CABEZA, Expert in material science and stress measurements, INSTITUT LAUE LANGEVIN






 Neutron diffraction measures the full stress tensor, non-destructively, under the surface and into the heart of metal or ceramic components. This information is then used as entry data to calculate codes and qualify processes. Find out more about this technique that can be used to validate and qualify additive manufacturing processes and components.





European Project : CAxMan
Jean-Claude MOREL, European Project Manager MISSLER SOFTWARE






CAxMan is a Research and Innovation action, that establishes cloud-based toolboxes, workflows and a One-Stop-Shop for computer-aided technologies supporting the design, simulation, and process planning for additive manufacturing. The project sets up novel workflows and services for discrete manufacturing by showcasing the computer-aided technologies as services and workflows in the Cloud, from design to production of physical parts.




Sky One - the First Full Metal 3D Printer






Sky One is a unique, full-metal,  multi-purpose 3D printing solution that does not have a single belt in its construction and uses double scara positioning system for operating.  





The only national expert collaborative network in additive manufacturing





The principle of the Addisphère network is to gather recognised additive manufacturing specialists in order to pool their strengths. With specific focal areas, this innovative, creative and complementary network will open its doors to you.




Save time and money with 3D printing
Benoit MICHAUT, Chairman of ATOME 3D





The 3D revolution is under way and your competitors are likely to have already followed suit: more responsive, versatile, and above all cheaper than you! Empower your company while spending less thanks to office 3D printers and scanners.





Metal 3D printing: what does mechanical engineering stand to gain?
Benoît VERQUIN, Additive Manufacturing Expert, CETIM






The metallic additive manufacturing industry benefit from niche market of high value added applications (small-volume production) due to the production cost. The CETIM has explored solutions on mechanical case studies in 3d printing (Metal Binder Jetting) in order to answer to economical and production limitations.

Worshops will be led by Pierre-Antoine ARRIGHI, Co-Fondateur ANIWAA and Consultant KXIOP



  Aniwaa is one of the reference website for 3D printing worldwide. Aniwaa is a website for professionals and individuals,
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  kxiop is a strategy, organization and innovation consulting firm committed to helping its customers accelerate their development cycles,
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