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JUNE 4, 5, 6, 2019
Eurexpo, Lyon

  • Conference
    from 10:00 am
    to 11:15 am

    New materials for additive manufacturing

    Popular in sectors such as aeronautics, medical, jewellery and automotive, 3D printing is benefiting from significant progress as regards the materials used. The horizon is broadening, giving way to new, increasingly complex and ground-breaking materials. These advances offer new prospects to manufacturers.

    • Moderated by Muriel de VERICOURT - Editor in Chief - INDUSTRIE & TECHNOLOGIES
    • Richard GAIGNON - Co-President - 3D CERAM
    • Reisin ZEHAVIT - Vice President Head of Rapid Prototyping SBU - STRATASYS
    • Tiina RISKILÄ - R&D Enginner - EOS
    • Nicolas POUSSIN - CEO - 3D EXPERT
    • Laurent MUNEROT - Chairman and Dental Technician - UNPPD
  • Conference
    from 11:30 am
    to 12:30 pm

    Additive manufacturing at the service of the plastics industry

    Additive manufacturing (metal or polymer) can help produce plastic parts, with or without the use of tools, through 3 processes: direct manufacturing of plastic parts (no tools required but low production rate and limited materials), manufacturing of “quick” tools through polymer additive manufacturing (tools manufactured quickly and cheap for a limited number of injections) and manufacturing of tools using an optimised cooling process, “conformal cooling” (for “traditional” shaping with a high production rate and quality). The aim of this conference is to define the possibilities offered by each technology and the profitability threshold for the manufacturing of plastic parts.

    • Moderated by Julien BAJOLET - R&D Programme Line Manager, alternative processes - IPC
    • Marc SCHUH - Managing Director - ARBURG
    • Alexandre BROSSEAU - Co-Manager - KREOS
    • Jérôme DUBOIS - Quality and Engineering Department, Manufacturing Process Innovation Manager - PSA
  • Conference
    from 01:00 pm
    to 01:30 pm

    Choosing between 3D printing and plastics injection

    Is 3D printing technology a viable and affordable alternative to injection moulding production? This presentation will enable manufacturers to choose between plastic injection and 3D printing for their parts production.

    • Introduced by Quentin KIENER - CEO - 3D PROD
  • Conference
    from 01:45 pm
    to 02:15 pm

    Design : Democratizing product optimization with additive manufacturing – autonomous topology optimization for end-users

    The advantages of AM have been identified already in early stages from the aerospace and space industry. Here a strong interest in lightweight design is explained by financial revenues resulting from low buy-to-fly ratios and decreased part weight. The speech will show the transfer from results in the aerospace sector into everyday industrial applications. With regards to the cost development, optimized products developed by use of topology optimization will soon be seen not only in space but in earthbound machines at the shop floor.

    • Introduced by Thomas RIEHER - Research Assistant - UNIVERSITY OF PADERBORN
  • Conference
    from 02:30 pm
    to 03:15 pm

    Data security and traceability in the Additive Manufacturing plant

    In tomorrow’s plant, additive manufacturing machines will be connected and generate a huge amount of data while printing.
    This data can be used to monitor, control and improve the printing processes, and therefore reduce production costs.
    It is thus becoming possible to generate a tamper-proof digital identity card stored in the blockchain for each printed part, with certification as a final aim.

    • Introduced by Alexandre GUERIN - Co-Founder - 3D TRUST
  • Conference
    from 03:30 pm
    to 04:15 pm

    Finishing and post-treatment in additive manufacturing

    Improve the efficiency of post processing steps to minimise impact on cost and time production.

    • Introduced by David BRACKETT - Technology Manager Additive Manufacturing - MTC