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JUNE 4, 5, 6, 2019
Eurexpo, Lyon

  • Conference
    from 10:00 am
    to 11:15 am

    Indirect additive manufacturing

    Using additive manufacturing rationally means taking into account all the elements of the production chain steered by the digital chain. Indirect additive manufacturing makes it possible to rethink, reorganise and optimise the different steps of the process. It is a key optimisation tool making it possible to comply with certified protocols.

    • Moderated by Michel BERCOT - Expert in additive manufacturing - PHILBIRD
    • Roumen BATCHVAROV - Director - SICTA
    • Philippe FERAUD - Scientific and Technical Expert - SNCF
    • Christophe TISSERAND - Product Leader Additive Manufacturing - RENISHAW
  • Conference
    from 11:30 am
    to 12:30 pm

    How to chose a 3D printer and for which use?

    A project in mind? Aniwaa will present the different points to consider in order to choose a 3D printer according to your needs. During this presentation, a range of professional additive manufacturing market trends will be introduced with a special focus on new products.

    • Introduced by Pierre-Antoine ARRIGHI - Co-Founder & Consultant - ANIWAA et KXIOP
  • Conference
    from 01:30 pm
    to 02:30 pm

    Risk involved and new arrangements

    How reduce risks ? The apparent simplicty of the additive manufacturing, we must be careful not to neglect the health and the savety of operators. New solutions have been developed for more safety


    • Moderated by Giorgio MAGISTRELLI - Journalist - A3DM
    • Lionel RIDOSZ - Industrialisation Development Manager - ZODIAC AEROSPACE
    • Cosmin PATRASCU - Expert Chimical Risk - INRS
    • Jean-Luc LAVAL - Marketing and Communication Director - ADDUP
  • Conference
    from 02:45 pm
    to 03:45 pm

    An after-sales revolution with stock dematerialisation

    Additive manufacturing impacts and modifies logistics chains and through this, incites companies to rethink their production models. Experts will share their experience on the positive impacts of this re-organisation:
    -opens up export prospects
    -parts designed without being limited by geometry
    -spare parts manufactured continuously and instantly.

    • Moderated by Mélanie RENARD - Journalist - 3D NATIVES
    • Sini METSA KORTELAINEN - Senior Scientist, Project Manager - VTT
    • Jean François MATHIEU - EMEA Industrial Product - automotive aerospace segment Manager - UPS
  • Conference
    from 04:00 pm
    to 05:15 pm

    New economic models: start-ups are taking on 3D printing

    With the possibility to create complex and customised parts cheaper, by manufacturing on demand and digitising stocks, as well as accelerating the design process, new economic models are emerging. This is an opportunity for many start-ups to launch themselves by banking on this technology so as to offer innovative products or services in sectors as varied as medical, sports, fashion or automotive.

    • Moderated by Alexandre MARTEL - Co-Founder - 3DNATIVES
    • Marine CORE-BAILLAIS - Deputy CEO - SCULPTEO
    • Clément MUHLE - CEO - ADDIDREAM
    • Marco CURTO - Co-Founder - 3D4UMAN
    • Daniel PYZAK - Director CATIA Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEAR - DASSAULT SYSTEMES
  • Conference
    from 05:30 pm
    to 06:00 pm

    NEW! Startup Contest

    New Contest! Young French and International talents will be present to introduce their projects that have revolutionised their respective sectors through additive manufacturing. Attend an exceptional Award Ceremony in the presence of a Jury of experts. Be prepared to meet start-ups that will change your daily life.

    • Gary RABINOVITZ - AM/3D Printing Lab Manager - REEBOK
    • Julien GUILLEN - Leader Additive Manufacturing - BTWIN DECATHLON
    • Thierry THOMAS - Vice President Additive Manufacturing - SAFRAN
    • Philippe FERAUD - Scientific and Technical Expert - SNCF
    • Muriel de VERICOURT - Editor in Chief - INDUSTRIE & TECHNOLOGIES
    • Alexandre MARTEL - Co-Founder - 3DNATIVES
    • Emilie GARCIA - Industrial Manager - BPI FRANCE