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JUNE 4, 5, 6, 2019
Eurexpo, Lyon


 Free and open-access | in silmutaneous translation




  • Conference
    from 10:00 am
    to 11:00 am

    How to integrate 3D printing in your factory

    Long limited to prototyping, 3D printing is now entering plants. The past few months were marked by an increased interest for the technology as regards its use in production. Major manufacturers are multiplying their announcements: GE, Siemens, Thales, etc. This new production means requires new skills, an adapted organisation, new design methods, etc. Manufacturers having already adopted the technology will share their experience during this round table.

    • Moderated by Marine PROTAIS - Journalist - L’USINE NOUVELLE
    • Bertrand MARQUET - Nokia Garage co-founder and program lead - NOKIA
    • Stephane BERTHELEMY - Operational Director - DESRUES
    • Philippe BAUER - Expert in additive manufacturing and mechanical design - THALES
    • Stéphane LESPRIT - Innovation packaging skin Care, hygiene and perfumes - L'OREAL
  • Conference
    from 11:15 am
    to 11:45 am

    “Walk This Way” Reebok’s Utilization of its Additive Manufacturing Systems

    Reebok was the First footwear company to embrace AM/3D Printing back in January 1998 when it received its first DTM SLS 2500CI system. This presentation will give an insight to the past 20 plus years of Additive Manufacturing at Reebok.   From prototypes to confirmation models as well as small run production parts.

    • Introduced by Gary RABINOVITZ - AM/3D Printing Lab Manager - REEBOK
  • Conference
    from 12:00 pm
    to 12:30 pm

    Innovative projects integrating electronic parts in additive manufacturing

    The rapid use of 3D printing technology and additive manufacturing brings with it new approaches to the electronics industry. This presentation will highlight the many challenges of developing a professional 3D printer for electronics as well as real life applications demonstrating the many advantages of 3D printed electronics for the painstaking process of product development. Business implications include faster time to market, improved efficiency, more innovative and agile hardware development cycles and completely new design geometries, that cannot be produced in any other way – which is game changing. Moreover, it is bringing in the era of a ‘factory in a box’ where systems manufacture systems.

    • Introduced by Robert EVEN - Materials Manager - NANO DIMENSION
  • Conference
    from 01:15 pm
    to 01:45 pm

    Why is the STL format no longer good enough? What are the new file formats?

    The STL format has been a de facto standard (but not an ISO standard) for over 30 years in order to transfer information between CAD modelers; however the machines do not handle any of these possibilities. Therefore, this data exchange format needed to be “modernised” and “standardised”. Discover new practices to integrate new possibilities.

    • Moderated by Daniel PYZAK - Director CATIA Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEAR - DASSAULT SYSTEMES
    • Amaury JOLY - Application Engineer - MATERIALISE
  • Conference
    from 02:00 pm
    to 03:30 pm

    Metal additive manufacturing: feedback from international leaders

    Our panel of international experts will share their feedback and the many advantages offered by additive manufacturing technology, each in their respective sectors (aeronautics, medical, automotive, maritime, electronics). By discussing the economic aspect and innovations using concrete examples, they will explain why they already use it or are starting to adopt it.

    • Moderated by Michael PETCH - Editor in Chief - 3D PRINTING INDUSTRY
    • Ales PRESERN - Head of Service Power and Gas for Austria & CEE - SIEMENS
    • Martin BOCK - 3D Printing expert and project leader 3D Metal Printing Lab - AUDI
    • Thierry THOMAS - Vice President Additive Manufacturing - SAFRAN
    • Gael VOLPI - CEO - 3D MEDLAB
    • Jérôme RASCOL - Vice President Head of Additive Manufacturing Platform - AIRBUS
  • Conference
    from 03:45 pm
    to 04:30 pm

    The future of 3D printing: automated production systems

    In order to optimise the additive manufacturing yield, leaders in the sector have developed innovative solutions. The aim is to minimise or even eliminate operator interventions. These futuristic solutions also make it possible to create different tasks, thus enabling mass customisation.

    • Moderated by Benoit FURET - Professor - UNIVERSITE NANTES
    • Vincent CHEMINEL - 3D Printing market developer - STAUBLI
    • Yann RAGUEL - Manager Strategic Account Team EMEA - STRATASYS
  • Conference
    from 04:45 pm
    to 06:00 pm

    Innovative industrial projects integrating additive manufacturing: 3D PRINT Trophy 2018

     The 3D PRINT Trophy has become a reference award in the industry and a highlight of the event. In the presence of a Jury comprising 7 industry figures, the nominees will present their projects providing truly inspiring technical and organisational feedback.
    NEW: 2 awards given!
    Trophies manufactured by AddUp

    • Thierry THOMAS - Vice President Additive Manufacturing - SAFRAN
    • Philippe FERAUD - Scientific and Technical Expert - SNCF
    • Marine PROTAIS - Journalist - L’USINE NOUVELLE
    • Michel BERCOT - Expert in additive manufacturing - PHILBIRD
    • Bertrand MARQUET - Nokia Garage co-founder and program lead - NOKIA
    • Philippe BAUER - Expert in additive manufacturing and mechanical design - THALES
    • Vivien ESNAULT - 3D Printing project Manager and Robotic - LAFARGE HOLCIM
    • Nicolas PARASCANDOLO - Chargé of profession - SYMOP