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Le salon de l'impression 3D
JUNE 5, 6, 7, 2018
Eurexpo, Lyon

  • Conference
    10:00 am

    Additive manufacturing, source of opportunities and threats: economical impacts and legal issues

    3D printing is a manufacturing process that has been used by Industry for about thirty years. Its increasing popularity raises many questions because, while this technology generates many economic opportunities, it also creates threats for designers. How can the development of this technology, which is both vector of innovation and counterfeiting, be accompanied?

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    • Introduced by Fatima GHILASSENE - Lawyer, Research Officer INPI The National Observatory Industrial Property
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  • Conference
    11:00 am

    European regulatory environment on medical devices

    Health sector is subject to strict regulations that are evolving rapidly. Additive manufacturing brings many important benefits in the health sector: mass customisation, integration of complex forms and structures, waste minimization, ondemand manufacturing, yet this sector is submitted to very strict regulations. What are the certification standards and rules? What does the European Commission suggest in terms of legislation to reinforce the safety, the traceability and the transparency?

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    • Moderated by Giorgio MAGISTRELLI - Senior Advisor and International Project Manager - Editorial A3DM
    • Christophe MARQUETTE - Research supervisor CNRS
    • Dr Didier NIMAL - CEO OsseoMatrix
    • Damien REYNAUD - President Stratup Concept
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  • Conference
    01:15 pm

    Which 3D Printer for what use?

    Reserved for Industry for a long time, additive manufacturing is currently experiencing a small
    revolution: lower prices, more technologies and potential applications, increasing use in many sectors, etc. Aniwaa will present a selection of 3D printers focused on major trends in the additive manufacturing industry: large volume 3D printing, metal parts production, rapid resin prototyping, and high strength plastic printing. The conference will end with a focus on the Asian market. Our exhibitors will have the best solutions for any project you have in mind!

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    • Introduced by Pierre-Antoine ARRIGHI - Co-founder ANIWAA
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  • Conference
    02:30 pm

    New materials: new additive manufacturing possibilities

    Plastic and metal are currently the most widely used materials in additive manufacturing because they present real interests for many industry sectors but that was before new materials came on the scene... These materials are still fairly unknown and complex with multiple properties. The use of these new
    materials opens up new industrial possibilities and perspectives with applications in various areas.


    • Moderated by Eric BAUSTERT - R&T Manager VOLUM-E / MMB
    • Richard GAIGNON - Co-president 3D CERAM
    • Leo DYSHELMAN - The Business Development Manager ACEO – WACKER CHIMIE
    • Didier BOISSELIER - CLAD Development Manager IREPA LASER
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  • Conference
    04:00 pm

    Integration of electronic components in additive manufacturing

    Recent advances in additive manufacturing technologies permit new and very broad perspectives
    to be considered to produce electronic equipment using polymers, ceramics, and metals. This paper will provide you with all key information to produce additive manufacturing parts integrating electronic components.



    • Moderated by Maël MOGUEDET - S2P Smart Plastic Products
    • Florence DELANGE - Materials and Advanced Processes Managers - Schneider Electric
    • Julien BAJOLET - Head of R&D program IPC
    • Anne BLOND - Coating Expert Manager - l’INSA Lyon
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