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Le salon de l'impression 3D
JUNE 5, 6, 7, 2018
Eurexpo, Lyon





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  • Conference
    10:00 am

    What place should 3D printing have in a factory?

    Prototyping and manufacturing of tools and finished parts. There are many possibilities for 3D printing. This production technology, which makes it possible to manufacture complex and lighter parts, attracts a number of manufacturing sectors. Aeronautics already uses it to print certain components, car manufacturers are very interested in it to reduce the weight of their vehicles ... However, it is sometimes difficult to find your way through an increasingly flourishing technological offer and identify the possibilities and limitations of 3D printing. This conference will give you the information you need to better define its
    place in production.

    marine inconnu inconnu

    • Introduced by Marine PROTAIS - Journalist L'USINE NOUVELLE
    • Frédéric LETRANGE - Project Manager Additive Manufacturing LIEBHERR AEROSPACE
    • Pierre-Yves COUTURIER - Technical Director TOURNAIRE JOAILLIER
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  • Conference
    11:00 am

    Additive manufacturing optimises the performance of athletes

    Used during the last Olympic Games in Rio, additive manufacturing is gradually becoming part of the sports
    world. 3D printing offers new freedom of creation to optimise the comfort and performance of athletes’ equipment while accelerating manufacturing processes and promising new sports records in the years to come. How can competitiveness and performance be combined? Sculpteo, which designed a bike in 3D metal printing in just seven weeks, and the Decathlon brand address this question.

    sport Cyrille VUE

    • Moderated by Alexandre MARTEL - Co-Founder 3D NATIVES
    • Emmanuel BRUNET - General Manager High Performance FFC (The French Cycling Federation)
    • Kevin SIREAU - High-level athlete, three-times world speed champion in team, world record 200m
    • Julien GUILLEN - Leader Additive Manufacturing B’TWIN DECATHLON
    • Cyrille VUE - Director ERPRO & SPRINT
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  • Conference
    01:00 pm

    Topology - Additive manufacturing and its optimised digital model

    The internal structure of the part is not worked as manufacturing methods do not or hardly
    allow them to be optimised. The external shape is not optimised to simplify production. Additive manufacturing equipment generates parts through the gradual introduction of materials allowing the full optimisation of parts to be considered. Only necessary and sufficient material should be used. The idea of creating an optimised part without any pre-conceived idea by defining its expected behaviour can now be achieved. The round table aims to present the principle of topological optimisation software: «Design oriented by calculation» and will then present two case studies illustrating the interest of the approach.

    Michel BERCOT_2 Emilien Goetz - Senior Project Engineer and Additive Manufacturing Specialist société Altair Jan Lens Ingénieur dapplication Matérialise Julien BAJOLET 2 Richard Allard Responsable DMI

    • Moderated by Michel BERCOT - Consultant Additive Manufacturing PHILBIRD
    • Emilien GOETZ - Senior Project and Additive Manufacturing specialist ALTAIR
    • Jan LENS - Application Engineer MATERIALISE
    • Julien BAJOLET - Head of R&D program IPC
    • Richard ALLARD - Technical Director - DMI
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  • Conference
    02:30 pm

    What are the developments in on-line and post-process control for additive manufacturing?

    In additive manufacturing, the material is simultaneously produced with the part, layer by layer. Therefore, new material means a new process, and new post-process controls. However, these controls can be reduced through on-line control. What are the solutions for additive manufacturing and what control technologies can be used? All of these aspects will be addressed during this round table.


    • Moderated by Anne-Françoise OBATON - Metrology research engineer for additive manufacturing, LNE
    • Nathalie MAILLOL - Project Manager Additive Manufacturing IPC
    • Franck THIBAULT - Sales Manager Tomography Solutions ZEISS
    • Patrick MOUNAIX - Researcher Laboratory Bordeaux University
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  • Conference
    04:00 pm

    New materials for 3D and 4D printing

    New approaches and inks for fabrication of functional and printed objects will be described. These include 3D printing hydrogels by new nanoparticles of photoinitiators, porous 3D objects and conductive electrodes made by new UV curable oil-in-water emulsion inks, 3D responsive objects by shape memory polymers and highly stretchable objects by unique elastomers. Utilization of 3D and 4D will be demonstrated, for applications such as soft robotics, delivery systems, responsive connectors, dynamic jewelry and medical devices.



    • Introduced by Shlomo MAGDASSI - Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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  • Conference
    05:00 pm

    The best industrial approach integrating additive manufacturing rewarded

    Come listen to a presentation of the projects nominated for the 2017 3D PRINT Trophy during an exclusive conference. The 2017 Award Ceremony, attended by the Jury members, will follow. The Trophy was designed in partnership with MATERIALISE. A highlight of 3D PRINT in which presented projects bring a real technical and organisational experiences that are inspiring.


    • Thierry THOMAS - Vice President SAFRAN Additive Manufacturing
    • Alexandre MARTEL - Co-Founder 3D NATIVES
    • Philippe FERAUD - Scientific & Technical Expert SNCF
    • Michel BERCOT - Consultant Additive Manufacturing PHILBIRD
    • Marine PROTAIS - Journalist L'USINE NOUVELLE
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